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We have taken extensive measures to ensure that all  suppliers, staff and couriers all adhere to ALL Govt Guidelines to keep YOU and everyone SAFE.

Boat Cover Repairs and Insurance Repair Work


Covering Solutions both indoor and outdoor. is what we do.

We have made covers that have gone to Oil rigs, expensive indoor

equipment, huge festival TV screens, the Arctics and  all sorts of

boats and all sorts of covers.

So in this difficult time when you need some extra space or have

to put something outside but want it safe, sound, sun protected and

Weatherproof, we can do that for AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.

We can add security for locks and chains etc if need be.

So if you need a cover to make your Balcony. Terrace or Veranda

to make them into extra storage

Or an area between 2 walls.

Or you need Garden Equipment/Furniture covered.

Or Industrial Equipment Covered.

Just phone 07979 694557 or

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